How to Party Properly

How to Party Properly

  • Many daters stream their video calls on Twitch. We respect the rules of this platform. Words that can get you banned on Twitch are prohibited on Dater as well.
  • If you feel uncomfortable with your conversation partner, don't be rude. Just say goodbye and use the "Don't connect" button.
  • If someone at the party offends you, use the "Report" button. We consider all complaints.
  • Dater is an LGBTQ+ friendly community. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination on the platform. If you notice such behavior, use the advice above.
  • We welcome new daters. But when you invite someone, consider this: will they be comfortable on Dater? What about other people who will meet them? Invite those whom you would be happy to meet on a call yourself.
  • Topics that are better to avoid in conversation: politics, religion, and any potential controversy.
  • All daters are adults. Drinking at parties is allowed. But it's better to use opaque cups.
  • NSFW content is strictly prohibited.
  • When you find a bug, be sure to report it: "Settings" → "Contact us".