How to play Dater


Meet cool people through video, flirt, play pranks, make friends!

You can only join Dater via invite. If you are with us, someone out there thinks you are awesome.


The duration of a full video call is 3 minutes.

And what if you met your favourite streamer? Or just a cool dater?

Extend the call!

When a call with you is being extended, you earn Dater Coins.


Use the Coins to extend the best calls.

How to earn Dater Coins:

  1. As a reward for a call that the other dater extended
  2. Purchase
  3. With Dater Avatar


Dater Avatar is a special dater's artifact.

It's like a snowflake or yourself — there is only one in the whole world.

Besides being awesome and pretty, it earns you Coins for every full call with Energy.

The reward changes from call to call and depends on many factors. You reward grows, when:

  • The Play & Earn Rewards Pool size grows;
  • The total amount of calls dropped during the last 24 hours;
  • The amount of potentially rewarded calls that are happening right now lowers.

Is that it? Nope. Additional bonuses are applied to your base reward:

  • Fresh Blood Coefficient — you earn more for meeting new people;
  • Efficiency Coefficient — Dater Avatar with a higher Efficiency stat earns you more;
  • Waiting Bonus — when you wait for a call more than 3 minutes.

The Energy of your Dater Avatar determines just how many calls with a reward you can make per day.

Energy you spent recharges by 25% every 6 hours.

That is, whatever the amount of Energy you invest in video calls, in 24 hours it all comes back to you!